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D.I.Y : How to put a Bezel back on!

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D.I.Y : How to put a Bezel back on!  Empty D.I.Y : How to put a Bezel back on!

Post by andrema on Tue 27 Sep 2011, 7:26 pm

This is a nice DIY post by Noah Fuller. It goes through the basic steps of replacing a bezel. It is a great tool for the novice WIS!

Yes a nice crystal press will work...

Try to use a disk that is bigger than the bezel since one smaller might mess up the bezel insert D.I.Y : How to put a Bezel back on!  IMGP3863Also becareful if you have a pearl marker that rises up from the bezel the press might knock it off or make it flat ... D.I.Y : How to put a Bezel back on!  IMGP3971 But if you do not have a press: place the bezel back on and press down so it starts to work into place then turn the watch over place it on the table place your palm on the back of the case and press down hard and wait for the "pop" or "Click" You're done, but turn the bezel is smooth ok... if not maybe the bezel gasket is stuck between the bezel and watch or glass .... You can also wrap the watch with the bezel in place and press against a door frame and push till you hear the "click" .
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