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The Seiko Crystal Guide

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The Seiko Crystal Guide Empty The Seiko Crystal Guide

Post by andrema on Fri 07 Jan 2011, 4:38 pm

I found this listing of Seiko crystals over at WUS and wanted to pass it along:

The following is a complete up to date list of OEM Seiko Part numbers for the various Shrouded & Tuna diver models AFAIK. The latest part numbers are shown for current replacement & interchangeability.

Watch model = Seiko OEM Crystal
150m Qtz. H558-500X Arnie = 310W60GA00 Flat hardlex
150m Qtz. H601-548X Arnie = 310P13HN02 Flat hardlex
200m Qtz. 7C43-6020 = 280WA6FA01 Flat hardlex
200m Kin. 5M23-6A19 = 280P06HN03 Flat hardlex
300m Qtz. 7549-7010 = 325W26HB0A Domed hardlex
300m Qtz. 7C46-7010 = 325W16GA00/325W26HB0A Domed hardlex
300m Qtz. SPro 7C46 = 325W26HB0A Domed hardlex
300m Qtz. MM SBBN015/017 = 325W26HB0A Domed hardlex

600m Auto 6159-701X = 335W08GA00 Flat hardlex
600m Auto SBDX005 8L35-0030 = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR
600m Qtz. Golden Ti 7549-700X = 335W10GA00 Flat hardlex
1000m Qtz. Golden Ti 7C46-7008 = 335W10FA01 Flat hardlex
1000m Qtz. Golden Ti 7C46-7009 = 335W10FA01 Flat hardlex
1000m Qtz. Darth 7C46-0AA0 = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR
1000m Auto SBDX011 8L35 MM = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR

Additionally, there are 2 models of Quartz 7C46 Professional divers that are considered part of the Tuna family. They are called the "Ashtray" 600m Divers & their information is as follows:

Watch model = Seiko OEM Crystal
600m Quartz SS 7C46-6009 = 315W24FA01 Domed hardlex
600m Quartz Ti 7C46-6010 = 315W24FA01 Domed hardlex

With regards to the Original OEM part numbers
Some original OEM numbers have been discontinued & replaced with current up to date replacement numbers.
For example, the 300m Tuna can crystal number #325W16GA00 has been replaced with OEM part #325W26HB0A.
These crystals are basically the same crystal, other than being maybe a mm thicker or so in height. This may also hold true of other older OEM crystal part numbers.

Diameter Sizes Please Note
The first 3 digits in the crystal part-code is the width size of the crystal in millimeters at its base. These are the main digits to be concerned with when sizing a crystal. You may use other compatible crystal numbers in the chart, as long as the 1st. 3 digits are the same. The other following digits relate to crystal thickness or height, coating or finish and edge bevel, and are of secondary importance compared to the first 3 digits which are it's size in Millimeters.

For example, a 325 digit-code means the crystal is 32.5mm, and 335 digit-code means the crystal is 33.5mm.

Link to origninal content -
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