Benrus "type" military watch homages

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Benrus "type" military watch homages

Post by andrema on Wed 11 Jan 2012, 3:53 pm

If you like the "Benrus type" military design, there are plenty of alternatives in the market: MKII Blackwater, MKII Paradive, Precista, Adanac (Canada spelled backwards) Navigator and Marathon Navigator..there are a few more but they escape me right now. They range in price from a little over $100 to over $1500!

The original "Benrus Type I"

Great article on the Benrus military "Type" watches:

Onto the "Benrus Type" homages:

Here is a comparison of the Benrus Type 1 and a MKII Blackwater:

Review of a Blackwater:

Here is a comparison of the MKII Paradive and the MKII Blackwater:

Paradive on top, Blackwater on bottom

Blackwater on top, Paradive on bottom

Here is a comparison of the Precista PRS-18Q and the MKII Blackwater:

Here are some shots of the Marathon Navigators (also issued in black):

Here are soms shots of Adanac Navigators:

These are all "borrowed" photos and not taken by me.

Happy hunting....Mark
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