The History of Grand Seiko

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The History of Grand Seiko Empty The History of Grand Seiko

Post by andrema on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 7:34 pm

This is an excerpt from Seiya Kobayashi's "History of Grand Seiko" is a very good read and will give you a new appreciation of high end seiko products.

Daini Seikosha Co., Ltd and Suwa Seikosha Co

Seiko brand watches were originally produced by two different Seiko Corp. subsidiaries. One was Daini Seikosha Co, Ltd (Kameido,Koto-ku, Tokyo) and the other was Suwa Seikosha Co (Suwa-shi, Nagano). Two different companies produced one brand in order to improve technology through severe competition and to hedge the risk. Splendid watches were produced at both companies because of this tough competitionand this system proved efficient at hedging the risk.. If either company experienced production problems the other company could compensate by increasing production. Eventually Daini Seikosha Co, Ltd. changed it its company name to Seiko Instruments Inc. and Suwa Seikosha Co, to Seiko Epson Corporation.

Birth of the Grand Seiko

Prior to 1960 most people believed Swiss watches were the highestquality and Japanese watches were inferior. Seiko believed they were capable of producing watches of the same quality as the Swiss. In fact, they had already made two high-quality examples, Crown and Chronos . The Grand Seiko is the result of their beliefs. Who made it? Daini Seikosha and Suwa began discussions under the suggestion of their parent company, Seiko. It was decided that Suwa would produce the first Grand Seiko (GS). Most men's watches were produced at Suwa and most women's watches were made at Daini in those days. The birth of GS was followed by the success of the Tokyo Olympics and Seiko's victory at the astronomical observatory Concours.

The rest of the piece is here --->>>
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The History of Grand Seiko Empty Re: The History of Grand Seiko

Post by Tickety on Fri 17 Aug 2012, 1:59 pm

I've got two and I love them.
I know a lot of people dont place a seiko high up in the rankings, but I think they should give them a chance..just my opinion.

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