DIY: How to remove a Seiko 7s26 movement

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DIY: How to remove a Seiko 7s26 movement

Post by andrema on Tue 27 Sep 2011, 7:34 pm

This is one of the "DIY" series of posts that Noah Fuller did. For those of us that want to learn more about modifying watches, it is very clear and easy to follow!


If you can find the unlock button most work the same way, also a plastic tooth pick will work better to stop bits of the wooden on falling off and into the watch Set the caseback tool and turn counter-clock-wise to take off the caseback If you have a diver unscrew the crown but do not pull out the crown... Look to the right of the crown stem area you will see a thin tab with a small indent circle, Use a tooth pick to press down on the tab and at the same time pull out the crown .... Then using the tooth pick carefuly slip it under one of the movement plates and pry upward like a lever against the case .... work from different areas if the dial is getting stuck, you can always press down on the rotor and try again if it becomes stuck ....
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