DIY: Common mod tools

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DIY: Common mod tools

Post by andrema on Tue 27 Sep 2011, 7:32 pm

This is the first in the series of DIY posts by Noah Fuller. It goes through a list of the tools that he used on watch mods. It is a great place to start for the novice WIS! _________________________________________________________________ I've been through a few but have found these work best for me ... Case back remover I like this one, it's quick and easy to use, some times it can jump and scratch the caseback and so place your palm over the tool and case back and turn slowly but firmly so you can feel if it jumps, look for the darker in color brass style some are shinny goldish in color and I find them to be cheaper made Case back remover, but I use for bezel remover slip between and twist Crystal press this one is made from a mold that was first made in east Germany, works very well, there are others out there at look like it but the size is a little different and does not have the "Made in GDR" on it Wood watch block "Wood is good" it will not scratch the watch or slip like plastic Hands puller also good to remove the gear part the hands go on also slide some plastic between the dial and the puller tool to stop scratching Hands setter One end for hour one end for minute can use minute end to put on the second hand More hands setters and the screw drivers I like to use the plastic ends since they do not scratch the hands And basicaly one big and one small driver is all you need for mods but if you want to remove day / date wheels from 7s26 seiko movements a very small (I'm talking small here) Phillips cross end is needed Spring bar remover most would say this is the best one .. Bracelet pin remover A good set of tweezers is handy tool
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