Tools : To remove a bezel

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Tools : To remove a bezel

Post by andrema on Tue 27 Sep 2011, 7:30 pm

Here is a nice illustration of the various tools for bezel removal that Noah Fuller pulled together. ______________________________________________________________________

These tools can do the job: But this works great and very smoothly without the chance of slipping and marking your case The white nylon bumper can be removed and two Chisels can be used on very tuff to remove bezels ... The watch is placed on the spring loaded support turn the nob to bring the chisel to the gap between the bezel and case, a bit of plastic film can be used on the chisel to stop scratching but I have found it is not needed in most cases ... Turn the nob till the pop, the spring in the support will help to keep a little pressure on the watch and remove the bezel from the watch
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