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Welcome back to Watch Men!  Empty Welcome back to Watch Men!

Post by Administrator on Tue 27 Sep 2011, 3:29 pm

Welcome back to Watch Men!

Since going on "holiday", there has been a change in management here at the firm! The new managing partner is fairly loose with his rules and lets the place basically run itself!!

The format is pretty loose, but we want to make sure that we stay focused. For example:

1. Hot chicks = OK...but hot, naked chicks having sex are not!
2. The HR Dept frowns on political and religious talk...so don't do it.
3. We don't tolerate excessive use of foul language and harassing behavior...so, do that at your house.
4. There are no "bad-asses" here at the firm, just bad-assed watches...catch my drift?
5. There is "security in the lobby", but they are sometimes asleep...so try to control yourselves and self-moderate.
6. We are not afraid to punish bad employees...people disappear sometimes! Catch my drift... Twisted Evil

So please have fun, but try to keep it respectful!

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