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Welcome to Watch Men! It's about classic watch addiction and watches. The rules are simple - act like Men. No whining. No belittling others. No topics other than watches. Pretty simple.

This is a forum for adults. No moderators, just one administrator. Whining will get you banned. Quibbling will get you banned. General Discussion of watches and watch related topics.

It's not about the cost of your watch. It's not about its exclusivity. It's not about reputation, or ADs vs. Grey Market, or new vs. used. It's about the watch and your passion for it. Simple. Want to talk about the technical details, great. Want to talk about your enjoyment of the watch, terrific. Want to talk about your collection, super. Want to talk about what watch you are lusting after, excellent. Want to whine about what someone else did, there's the door don't let it hit you on the way out. Seriously, let's talk about terrific watches, horrible watches, mediocre watches, and even silly watches but let's not talk about people.

Welcome to Watch Men. Are you man enough?

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